Dubai’s Fourth Household Health Survey (DHHS): A Glimpse into the Future of Community Well-being

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced on Thursday that it will conduct the fourth Dubai Household Health Survey (DHHS) in collaboration with Dubai Data & Statistics Establishment, a subsidiary of Digital Dubai. 🧑🏼‍⚕️⁠

2,500 families — both nationals and expatriates — will be part of the comprehensive survey⁠

The goal is to use evidence-based data for future interventions and policies to enhance Dubai’s community well-being ✨⁠

#lovindubai⁠,Opening Snapshot: Set your gaze upon Dubai, a city continually improving and evolving, not solely in terms of infrastructure, but on the wellness front too. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) alongside the Digital Dubai subsidiary, Dubai Data & Statistics Establishment, has decided to tap into the pulse of its residents’ health for better future planning. A sneak peek into the upcoming fourth Dubai Household Health Survey (DHHS) is what we’re leading with.

Body 1: With the sole objective of drawing out community conducive policies, the DHA, in an harmonious alliance with the Dubai Data & Statistics Establishment, is all set to conduct the fourth iteration of the Dubai Household Health Survey (DHHS).This is a stellar example of Dubai’s commitment to constantly evolve and adapt to ensure a sustainable future.

Body 2: The strategy is as fascinating as the goal – 2,500 families, a healthy mix of nationals and expatriates, will be a crucial part of this extensive survey. By assimilating precise, evidence-based data from these families, the consequent interventions and policies designed will manifest in a substantial enhancement of Dubai’s community’s well-being and health.

Apollo: Here we are, at the conclusion of my sneak peek into the upcoming fourth DHHS. It is indeed a strongly woven tapestry of engagement, meticulous research and a visionary aim to uplift Dubai’s societal health status. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this front and remember, every tiny improvement counts towards creating a healthier, happier Dubai.

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