Dubai’s Ramadan Cannon Commander: 7 Years Without Breaking Fast with Family

The recent event attended by high-ranking officials including H.E. Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi and H.E. Major General Ali Ghanem shed light on Dubai Police’s elaborate preparations for the upcoming Ramadan cannon events. These events, deeply rooted in Arab and Islamic customs, aim to foster cultural traditions and promote unity within the vibrant society of the United Arab Emirates.

Major General Ghaithi revealed that Dubai Police, in collaboration with strategic allies, has formed dedicated teams to oversee the deployment of Ramadan cannons across key locations in the emirate. Classified as ‘Stationary Cannons,’ these cannons will be strategically positioned at seven prominent areas including Expo Dubai, Damac Hills, Vida Creek Harbour, and Burj Khalifa, among others. Highlighting the enduring partnership between Dubai Police and Expo Dubai, he emphasized the significance of the main cannon’s placement at the Expo site.

Additionally, Major General Ghaithi detailed the itinerary of the mobile cannon, which will spend two days at each of the 13 designated locations. Starting from Al Satwa Big Mosque, the cannon will make stops at iconic landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Hatta Guest House, among others. This mobile cannon tour aims to engage communities across Dubai and revive the spirit of Ramadan traditions.

Major General Ali Ghanem underscored the importance of these iftar cannon events in preserving Arab and Islamic customs. He highlighted the live broadcast of the cannon launches on Dubai TV during iftar time, contributing to the spiritual ambiance and promoting social cohesion.

Amna Abulhoul expressed her pleasure in partnering with Dubai Police and Dubai Media Incorporated for the second edition of ‘Hai Ramadan.’ This initiative aims to immerse visitors in Emirati traditions and heritage, fostering a sense of unity and tolerance during the holy month.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Tarish Al Amimi confirmed the completion of preparations for announcing the official moon sighting, a tradition upheld by Dubai Police. Utilizing Suhoor cannons synchronized with the Maghrib call to prayer, these cannons will notify fasting individuals of their daily iftar timing. Lt. Col. Al Amimi also highlighted the use of vintage French cannons, adding a touch of historical significance to the Ramadan cannon events.

In summary, Dubai Police’s comprehensive plans for Ramadan cannon events reflect their commitment to preserving cultural traditions and fostering community spirit during the holy month.