Floods wiped out these UAE shops, but customers came to their rescue

In July 2022 Fujairah experienced consequences from rainfall that flooded the area causing extensive damage and disruption. One of the individuals greatly affected was BK, an expatriate who had successfully operated a plantation and nursery, near the corniche for seven years. However the devastating floods completely destroyed his business leaving him with his passport and the overwhelming challenge of starting

Reflecting on the catastrophe BK shared how deeply it impacted him expressing, “It felt like my world came to a halt. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future. How I would support my two daughters weddings.” The floodwaters not washed away all of his inventory. Also cast a shadow over his dreams and plans for what lay ahead.

The path to recovery seemed arduous made complicated by the fact that returning to Afghanistan – his home country – was not a feasible choice due to significant instability at that time. Despite facing the reality of losing everything he had built over seven years in Fujairah BK found himself at a crossroads contemplating what actions would be best, for the well being of his family.

Deciding against going to an Afghanistan BK faced the formidable task of rebuilding everything from scratch in Fujairah.
The indomitable spirit of humanity became a driving force as he faced the obstacles of rebuilding. Losing his thriving plantation and nursery was a setback but BK remained resolute in paving a new path forward.

BKs story not highlights how natural disasters impact lives but also underscores the resilience and determination required to reconstruct amidst adversity. As communities, in Fujairah strive towards recovery narratives, like BKs stand as evidence of our ability to overcome challenges rebuild our lives. Discover hope even in the midst of profound loss.