Concept for the Marai Photo Award: “My Afghanistan”

Afghanistan is often portrayed in news as a place of violence and tragedy. There is much more, to the country than what meets the eye. Beyond the headlines there lies a side of Afghanistan that is filled with warmth, humanity and resilience. This known aspect of the country has inspired an initiative called “My Afghanistan,” which pays tribute to the Shah Marai. Marai understood the importance of showcasing Afghanistan beyond its conflicts.

The aim of “My Afghanistan” is to capture and share the aspects of life in the country that are often overlooked or ignored. By honoring Marais legacy this initiative invites photographers to contribute their perspectives by submitting images that tell untold stories about Afghanistan.

The main focus is on portraying the reality of life providing insights, into culture, social issues and the environment. These photographers have an understanding of their homeland. Are well equipped to reveal facets of Afghanistan that are typically overshadowed by limited narratives presented in mainstream media. The ultimate goal is to narrate Afghanistans story through the eyes of those who call it home.

In a departure, from the narrative of conflict “My Afghanistan” aims to shine a light on the enduring resilience, humanity and beauty that exist amidst circumstances. By providing a platform for photographers this initiative seeks to amplify voices that are often overlooked fostering a nuanced understanding of the country.

The call to submit images is an invitation to capture an authentic portrayal of Afghanistan acknowledging both its challenges and its triumphs. Through these submissions “My Afghanistan” endeavors to contribute towards a empathetic global perception of this resilient nation. As the collection of submissions unfolds our hope is to create a narrative that truly reflects the essence of Afghanistan—a nation not defined by conflict but, by the vibrant and diverse stories of its people.