Israel-Hamas war updates: Israeli attacks hit children’s hospital in Gaza

According to reports Israeli forces are expanding their activities, in the Gaza Strip while mediators from Qatar are working towards an agreement to secure the release of some of the 240 hostages currently held by Hamas militants. The residents of Jabalia, Gazas refugee camp and a nearby coastal camp have been advised to evacuate as a measure. The military has announced an expansion of activities into neighborhoods.

The United Nations rights chief, Volker Turk strongly condemned an alleged attack on a school as “horrifying,” expressing concern about events in Gaza over the past 48 hours. Wafa, the news agency reported that there has also been shelling near the hospital located near Jabalia.

In another development Yemens Houthi rebels have captured an Israeli associated cargo ship in a shipping route in the Red Sea and have taken its 25 crew members hostage. This incident occurs amidst the conflict between Israel and Hamas which has now entered its day.

The situation remains tense as Israeli forces escalate their operations while diplomatic efforts continue to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas. The conflict has already inflicted damage on cities and refugee camps in Gaza with over 11,000 casualties reported.

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