Kolena Raises $15 Million for AI Model Performance Testing

Kolena, a startup building tools to test, benchmark and validate the performance of AI models, today announced that it raised $15 million in a funding round led by Lobby Capital with participation from SignalFire and Bloomberg Beta. The new cash brings Kolena’s total raised to $21 million, and will be put toward growing the company’s […],

Kolena Raises $15 Million in Funding Round to Drive AI Model Performance Testing


Dubai-based startup Kolena has secured a significant boost in funding, raising $15 million in a recent funding round. The investment, led by Lobby Capital, saw participation from SignalFire and Bloomberg Beta. This brings Kolena’s total raised capital to $21 million. The company, known for developing tools to test, benchmark, and validate the performance of AI models, plans to utilize the fresh funding to further expand and strengthen its operations.

Fueling the Growth of AI Model Performance Testing

Kolena’s ability to secure such a substantial investment underscores the growing importance of AI model performance testing in today’s tech landscape. As artificial intelligence continues to gain momentum and become increasingly embedded in various sectors, it is crucial to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of AI models. Kolena’s tools are designed to do just that, providing businesses with the means to evaluate and optimize the performance of their AI algorithms.

Empowering AI Innovation in Dubai

This funding round marks another milestone for the thriving Dubai startup scene. Kolena’s success not only highlights the city as a hub for technological innovation but also reflects the growing interest in AI research and development. With the new capital infusion, Kolena is poised to contribute further to the flourishing AI ecosystem in Dubai, fostering groundbreaking advancements in AI model performance testing.


Kolena’s recent funding round, which raised $15 million, underscores the significance of AI model performance testing for businesses and organizations. With the support from investors like Lobby Capital, SignalFire, and Bloomberg Beta, Kolena aims to enhance and expand its offerings, enabling companies to evaluate and optimize the performance of their AI models. This success also contributes to the burgeoning technological landscape in Dubai, positioning the city as a breeding ground for AI innovation and research.

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