Byju’s Restructuring Plan Includes Cutting 5,000 Jobs

Byju’s plans to cut as many as 5,000 jobs in the coming weeks, a person familiar with the matter said, as the Indian edtech giant looks to pare down costs amid a broad restructuring of its business. The Bengaluru-headquartered startup, which recently appointed a new head for its India business, is planning to eliminate several […],

Byju’s to Cut 5,000 Jobs as Part of Restructuring Plan


Byju’s, the renowned Indian edtech giant, is set to lay off around 5,000 employees in the following weeks. This move comes as the company aims to reduce costs and restructure its operations. Byju’s has recently appointed a new head for its India business, signaling a significant change in its business strategy.

Streamlining Operations to Cut Costs

As part of its restructuring plan, Byju’s aims to streamline its operations and cut down expenses. The Bengaluru-based startup, previously valued at $16.5 billion, is looking to eliminate several positions across various departments. By reducing its workforce, Byju’s hopes to optimize its resources and create a more efficient and lean organizational structure.

Adapting to the Changing Edtech Landscape

The decision to cut jobs by Byju’s comes amidst the evolution of the edtech industry and the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. With the increased adoption of online learning platforms and changing customer expectations, Byju’s is taking proactive steps to align itself with the changing dynamics of the market. This restructuring effort aims to position the company for long-term success and sustainability in the competitive edtech landscape.


Byju’s, the leading Indian edtech platform, is set to make significant cuts to its workforce as part of an extensive restructuring plan. By streamlining its operations and reducing costs, the company is positioning itself for greater efficiency and adaptability in the evolving edtech landscape. As the industry continues to transform, Byju’s is taking proactive steps to ensure its continued success and meet the changing educational needs of its customers.

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