Major Shake-Up at Oyo: Key Executives Depart Before IPO

Two senior executives at Oyo have left the budget-hospitality startup, mere months before the company plans to list. Ankit Gupta, who joined the unicorn startup in 2019 and served as its India chief executive, and Mandar Vaidya, who led the startup’s European business, have left the firm. In a statement, an Oyo spokesperson said the […],## Key Points

– Two senior executives at Oyo, a budget-hospitality startup, have bid adieu, a few months before the much-anticipated company’s listing.
– Ankit Gupta, who had been a part of the “unicorn startup” family since 2019, and served as the India chief executive, handed his resignation letter.
– Mandar Vaidya, the erstwhile leader of the startup’s European business, also decided to take the exit door.

## TUrn of Events

Watch out folks! Major shake up at Oyo’s top brass is shaking the rumor mills in the lead up to the company’s debut dance on the stock market. Suddenly, it seems to be losing its seniors faster than a teenager loses interest in a television series.

First, we have the India CEO, Ankit Gupta, the man behind the wheel of Oyo’s local operations. This dramatic exit has left everyone agog considering his essential role at Oyo since 2019. I mean, who jumps off a unicorn mid-gallop, right?

Then, there’s Mandar Vaidya, Mr. Europe Business Head, who has also packed his bags and checked out from team Oyo. With two important regions – India and Europe suddenly left without their skippers, this wave of resignations is quite the tête-à-tête at the startup water cooler discussion.

An Oyo spokesperson, trying to maintain grace amidst the chaos, thanked these guys for their contribution in making hotel stays affordable for the masses and wished them luck on their future endeavors. They probably need a vacay after all this hullabaloo, we reckon!

## The Hot Take

Okay folks, here’s my spicy hot take on this entire hoopla. The departure of key executives just before a company flies out into the stock market wilderness can be a smidgen worrisome. It’s sort of like your pilot and co-pilot jumping off the airplane just before take-off, leaving bewildered passengers wondering who’s going to fly the darn thing.

However, it’s also possible that these fine gentlemen decided it was simply time for a change, and their departure has nothing to do with the upcoming IPO. After all, one’s got to seek new pastures, new challenges and perhaps, a new startup to add another feather to their high-achieving caps.

But let’s be real, a company isn’t a one-man show, surely there must be other competent folks skilled enough to tie their laces and take over. If not, they’d better hurry up and find themselves some worthy replacements because the clock is ticking and the stock market debut gong could ring any time.

So, as we raise our glasses to bid adieu to these stalwarts, let’s also raise an eyebrow in speculation. After all, in the fast-paced world of startups where exits are as much a norm as entries, it’s all just another day at the unicorn’s office.

In the meanwhile, keep your popcorn ready and your eyes peeled because the story of Oyo’s grand IPO debut is just at the edge of unfolding. Will it pass with flying colors or would it be drenched in shades of grey? Hang on tight and buckle up because this unicorn’s ride is about to get a whole lot bumpier! Trust me, folks, this is going to be one heck of a technicolor roller-coaster ride you’d hate to miss.