Sadhguru suggests not to wake up at alarm bells, says ‘To come awake, silence is the best way’

Sadhguru, a teacher of yoga, from India has been sharing his deep spiritual insights since 1982 when he began teaching yoga in the southern parts of India. In 1992 he took a step forward by establishing the Isha Foundation, a profit organization situated near Coimbatore. This foundation operates an ashram and yoga center with a focus on providing education. Sadhguru, driven by his belief in spirituality extends his teachings to guide individuals on how to live a fulfilling life and foster personal growth.

One aspect of Sadhgurus teachings revolves around the practice of waking up which he considers essential for setting the tone of your day and shaping your future. According to Sadhguru the way you wake up— the sounds that rouse you from sleep—has an impact on your day and what lies ahead.

In contrast to the habit of waking up to harsh alarm bells Sadhguru advocates for a more mindful approach. He emphasizes that silence is the way to begin your morning routine. Of subjecting yourself to jarring alarms Sadhguru suggests selecting gentle sounds that gently nudge you into wakefulness creating a more harmonious start to your day.

Aligned with this philosophy Sadhguru recommends listening to vairagya chants as a method, for awakening in the morning.
These melodic chants, known for their soothing tones have the ability to gently rouse individuals from sleep promoting an serene awakening. According to Sadhguru integrating practices into your morning routine not sets a positive tone for the day but also brings numerous benefits to both the mind and body.

By following Sadhgurus guidance, on waking up and incorporating sounds into our morning rituals we can nurture a sense of positivity and well being in our lives. The focus on tranquility and purposefulness during the awakening process aligns with Sadhgurus teachings, on living and spiritual development.