Norway Urges EU Regulator for Permanent Sanction on Facebook and Instagram

Norway’s data protection authority has asked a European Union regulator to take a binding decision on whether its emergency sanction on Facebook and Instagram tracking and profiling users for ad targeting without their consent should be made permanent and applied across the EU single market, not just locally. The move could lead to a blanket […],

Norway Urges EU Regulator to Make Emergency Sanction on Facebook and Instagram Permanent

The Norwegian data protection authority is making a bold move in its fight against Facebook and Instagram’s tracking and profiling practices. The authority has requested a European Union regulator to take a binding decision on whether the emergency sanction placed by Norway should be made permanent and applicable across the entire EU single market.

Data Privacy Concerns

The emergency sanction was imposed due to concerns over the tech giants’ violation of user consent by tracking and profiling them for ad targeting purposes without permission. This blatant disregard for data privacy has sparked outrage, prompting Norway to take action and protect its citizens. The authority’s request for a binding decision from the EU regulator signifies a strong commitment to ensure accountability and enforce stricter privacy regulations.

A Potential Global Impact

If the EU regulator grants Norway’s request, it could have far-reaching consequences for Facebook and Instagram. The decision would not only make the emergency sanction permanent but also extend its application to the entire EU single market. This move has the potential to set a strong precedent and encourage other countries to take similar action against tech giants that do not prioritize user privacy.

The Future of Data Privacy

With concerns about data privacy on the rise, it is crucial for regulators to step in and protect user rights. Norway’s initiative serves as a reminder that privacy should not be compromised for the sake of ad targeting. As more countries and regulators join the fight for stricter privacy regulations, tech giants will be compelled to prioritize user consent and transparency, ultimately creating a safer and more secure online environment.

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