Rabdan Academy Launches High-Level Training Project for Gulf Regional Security Priorities

Rabdan Academy has recently introduced the Sustainable Security and Defence Professional Development program, which aims to enhance the security and defense capabilities of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. This initiative is specifically tailored for leaders, experts and specialists, in security and defense institutions demonstrating a commitment to addressing regional and global security challenges.

The program has been meticulously designed to align with the security and defense priorities of GCC nations. It covers a range of areas such as extremism, critical national security concerns, peacebuilding efforts, stability maintenance, workforce modernization, human security considerations, effective policing strategies, justice approaches, as well as economic factors. The overarching goal is to promote an approach towards security and defense.

What sets this program apart are its courses that delve into counterterrorism measures, business continuity planning, emergency management protocols, police operations methodologies, security consulting practices, crime analysis techniques among other subjects. The curriculum strongly emphasizes leadership in the field of security and defense while highlighting the importance of combating terrorism and effectively managing crisis situations.

The program is scheduled to commence in February 2024 in Abu Dhabi. It will actively engage leaders from GCC countries security and defense institutions, alongside experts and specialists. These courses aim to create an environment that fosters the exchange of experiences and expertise while focusing on cultivating skills in the realm of security and defense.

His Excellency James Morse, the President of Rabdan Academy emphasized the impact that this initiative would have both regionally and globally. Morse stressed the role of security, in strengthening national security on a global scale. He expressed confidence in the programs ability to bring about changes expecting that it would not align GCC countries with rapid global and regional developments but also greatly enhance their security and defense capabilities.

Rabdan Academy is recognized for its dual education system and esteemed team of experts. It serves as a guiding light in areas such as safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management. With accreditation the academy has successfully produced numerous leaders and experts over the past decade.

As the inaugural courses begin in 2024 Rabdan Academys Security and Defense Professional Development program marks an era of collaboration expertise sharing and capacity building, in both regional and global security domains.