Shifting IPO Trends: Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo Go Public

Several factors converged to help Instacart, Arm and Klaviyo to go public, but those trends have largely reversed — we may not see more IPOs for some time.,

Shifting IPO Trends: Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo Go Public


The initial public offering (IPO) market saw a flurry of activity over the past year as prominent companies like Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo successfully went public. This surge was driven by various factors such as market conditions, investor demand, and the companies’ growth potential. However, recent trends suggest that the tide is turning, and future IPOs may be scarce for the time being.

The Rise of Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo

Instacart, the online grocery delivery platform, experienced a surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic as people turned to online shopping for their essential needs. This favorable market condition, coupled with its impressive growth trajectory, made Instacart an attractive prospect for investors. Similarly, Arm, a leading semiconductor company, and Klaviyo, an email marketing platform, capitalized on their respective market positions and robust financial performances to woo investors and successfully hit the public market.

A Shift in IPO Landscape

While Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo’s successful IPOs garnered attention, recent market dynamics have signaled a potential slowdown in IPO activity. Several factors have contributed to this shift. Economic uncertainties due to the ongoing pandemic, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and concerns over valuations have made investors more cautious. As a result, companies may choose to delay their IPO plans until market conditions stabilize and investor confidence is restored.


The IPO market witnessed a surge in activity as Instacart, Arm, and Klaviyo seized the opportunity to go public. However, the landscape has since changed, and a slowdown in IPOs is expected. As the market dynamics evolve, it is crucial for companies to carefully assess the timing and conditions before embarking on their IPO journey. While we may not see more companies going public in the immediate future, it is important to stay tuned for new developments and trends in the IPO space.

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