The Peel P50 is a micro-car, similar to the BMW. It is also identified as the European form of the Kei vehicle.

The Peel P50, a car that has made its mark in automotive history holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest car ever built. It gained popularity after appearing on the famous TV show Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson had the pleasure of driving it. This tiny car has captured the hearts of enthusiasts, around the world.

The Peel P50 came to life in the post World War II era when Japan and Europe were looking for eco transportation options that utilized raw materials. It stands out as a symbol of efficiency compared to steel built cars. Instead it embraced a design with a sunroof texture just like the iconic Fiat 500.

What makes the Peel P50 special are its features; a compact sedan body style an engine positioned at the front that powers the wheels and a single cylinder petrol engine using two stroke technology. With 4.2 bhp and torque of 5 Nm this micro car achieves fuel efficiency by delivering over 100 miles, per gallon. Its three speed manual transmission allows it to reach a speed of 38 mph.

Measuring 54 inches long and 39 inches wide weighing 59 kilograms the P50 is a true testament to compact design. Its monocoque fiberglass construction extends throughout its body, suspension system and associated parts.
The interior of the P50 has a design featuring two pedals, a steering wheel, a shifter and a speedometer. This design represents simplicity and functionality.

Created for one person and their shopping needs the P50 includes features such, as a light, three wheels, one seat, a door and a windshield wiper. Despite weighing 230 pounds without passengers its lightweight structure is achieved through the use of fiberglass for its body.

Peel Engineering originally specialized in boats and motorcycle fairings before venturing into making the P50. The vehicle is powered by a 49 cc single cylinder 2 stroke motorcycle engine that delivers 4.2 horsepower through a three speed transmission. To address stability concerns despite its size the P50 includes a grab bar.

In addition to the gasoline version there is a model with a 49 cc four cycle engine and gelled electrolyte batteries. Both versions can reach a speed of 28 mph showcasing the remarkable versatility of this micro car. The Peel P50 stands as proof of innovation, efficiency and an unconventional approach, to norms.