Top Sports Bars in Abu Dhabi to Watch the Rugby World Cup Live

The Rugby World Cup is here to delight again, and you can enjoy it at these exciting spots in the capital… Oh, how fast four years fly by. And while a ton’s changed in sports, pubs, and elsewhere, some things are gladly the same. The 2023 world cup takes off this weekend, and we’re sure […]

The post Super sports bars in Abu Dhabi to enjoy Rugby World Cup action appeared first on What’s On .,It’s time for another thrilling journey of rugby fever as the Rugby World Cup rockets into action once more, and guess what? You can indulge in this great spectacle at some of the most exciting venues in the capital city! It’s astonishing how briskly four years have sped by, and while shifts have occurred in various sectors including sports and local pubs, some things delightfully remain constant. This weekend marks the eagerly anticipated launch of the 2023 World Cup, a moment…

Read on to discover top-notch sports bars in Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy the high-octane Rugby World Cup games live. Don’t miss out on the engaging action!

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