UAE reveals first driverless cargo truck

Dubai South has partnered with Evocargo to conduct trials of cargo vehicles marking a step, towards establishing itself as a global smart mobility hub. This collaboration aligns with Dubais Self Driving Transport Strategy, which aims to reduce transportation costs by 44% equivalent to AED 900 million.

During the trials Evocargos unmanned electric logistics vehicle, known as EVO.1 will navigate Dubai Souths Logistics District from December 2022 to February 2023. The vehicles operations will be overseen by an operator stationed at the Control Centre. They will utilize a software suite to monitor the vehicles performance ensure sensor functionality and detect any errors.

Dubai is already renowned as a player in the logistics industry. Now seeks to further enhance its reputation as an environmentally conscious city by perfecting electric and driverless truck technology. This initiative is strategically designed to position the UAE as a leader in the logistics sector.

The EVO.1 boasts features including a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes ability to carry up to six EUR pallets, speed of 25 kilometers per hour and an impressive range of, up to 200 kilometers.
Recharging the vehicle to ensure a day of operation can take anywhere, from 40 minutes to six hours depending on the charging outlet. The security system of the platform consists of four tiers; computer vision for awareness, an automatic diagnostic system, a remote stop system and a standby pneumatic braking system.

Mohsen Ahmed, the CEO of Dubai Souths logistics district expressed enthusiasm about the agreement with Evocargo and emphasized its potential to establish new global standards. This partnership not aims to improve efficiency but also intends to expand supply chain operations and promote sustainability in the logistics sector.

Andrey Bolshakov, CEO of Evocargo highlighted the significance of this trial as their venture into vehicles within a global multimodal logistics platform. This trial is expected to create opportunities for Evocargo to expand its offerings in Eastern and Asian markets.

The collaboration between Dubai South and Evocargo represents a milestone in advancing towards electric logistics while reinforcing Dubais dedication to innovation and sustainability, in the ever progressing logistics sector.