X Introduces Verified Profiles for Paid Users: Boosting Security and User Experience

X, formerly Twitter, has launched government ID-based account verification for paid users to prevent impersonation and give them benefits such as “prioritized support.” The social network has partnered with Israel-based Au10tix for identity verification solutions. The pop-up for ID verification indicates that the Au10tix could store this data for up to 30 days. X’s support […],Headliner: X Presents Verified Profiles for Paid Users

Dubai’s popular social media platform, previously known as Twitter, has taken a significant stride in its user verification process. With an aim to deter misrepresentation and accord privileges including “prioritized support” to its users, X has officially launched an ID verification system linked with government-issued credentials for its paid subscribers.

The Gist: Ensuring Secure Social Networking

In order to secure this innovation, X entered into a strategic alliance with Au10tix, an established Israel-based company specializing in identity verification solutions. A notable provision that will likely capture user attention is a pop-up message for ID verification. An additional vital piece of information is that Au10tix may retain the verification data for a period not exceeding 30 days, giving a reasonable timeframe for the users.

Closing Thought: Amplifying User Experience

This forward-thinking initiative by X aligns with its relentless pursuit to deliver an authentic, secure, and memorable user experience. Such endeavours validate X’s commitment to provide a reliable and transparent platform for its users, highlighting the importance of safeguarding their integrity.

Reference: Credits to X’s Official Support for the source information.

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