Discover the Hatta Express Bus: Your Affordable Adventure into Dubai’s Scenic Wilderness

All aboard the Hatta Express… Looking to add some adventure to your life?  Last December, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched a new bus route from Dubai to the mountainous part of the emirate, Hatta. The Hatta Express Bus costs just Dhs25 per person and takes you from the Dubai Mall bus station […]

The post Get from Dubai to Hatta for just Dhs25 with the express bus appeared first on What’s On .,Venture to Hatta with Exciting new Transport Arrangements! Craving some excitement and adventure amidst the Arab hills? There’s a new bus route to quench your thirst for exploration. In a significant move last December, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) introduced a convenient and cost-effective method to reach Hatta, the mountainous gem of the emirate.

A Journey to Remember: The Hatta Express Bus Experience. The transport service, named ‘The Hatta Express Bus’, takes you on a journey starting from the bustling Dubai Mall bus station, extending into the heart of the scenic Hatta. Throughout the trip, you can soak up the magnificent views and revel in Dubai’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Pocket-friendly Adventure: Affordability Meets Fun. The best part? This thrilling journey doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The Hatta Express Bus fare is a mere Dhs25 per person. So pack your bags and buckle up, as this economical mode of travel introduces you to Dubai’s exquisite wilderness.

In conclusion, the Hatta Express Bus is the newest ticket to a world submerged in rich Arab landscapes and thrilling mountainous adventures—all at a minimal cost. It’s time to unleash the wanderer within and enjoy a fun, affordable transit to Hatta. Credits for the information in this article go to the source ‘What’s On’.

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