eSkootr: the eSC electric scooter championship explained

In a revolutionary twist to the world of motorsport, the eSkootr Championship (eSC) is set to redefine the racing landscape with its focus on electric scooters. Unveiled at the launch, the eSC boasts a unique proposition: races featuring all-wheel-drive scooters equipped with two 6kW motors, a 1.33kWh battery, and a top speed exceeding 62mph. These lightweight, agile scooters, weighing in at 35kg, can lean at an impressive 55 degrees and even offer torque vectoring capabilities.

The eSC is not just another addition to the growing list of electric motorsports; it stands out due to its emphasis on urban mobility, youth appeal, and the utilization of electric scooters – a departure from traditional racing vehicles. The championship will see 30 riders competing across ten teams, each with three drivers, embarking on a global tour of capital cities. The inaugural race kicks off in London at the iconic Printworks venue.

Designed to be light, flexible, and efficient, the eSC aligns with the evolving landscape of urban mobility. Engineered by co-founders including motorsport figures Lucas di Grassi and Alex Wurz, the championship aims to be both cost-effective and sustainable, presenting a business model that transcends the spectacle of motorsport.

With a carbon-zero approach from its inception, eSC aspires to become carbon-negative in the future. More than just a racing series, it aims to serve as a source of research and development for future commercial products. Unlike some other electric vehicle series, eSC leverages local infrastructure for charging, eliminating the need for specialized charging stations.

Acknowledging the negative perceptions surrounding electric scooters, the founders of eSC plan to collaborate with cities and councils to educate and entertain. Former F1 driver Alex Wurz highlights the unfolding phenomenon of micro-mobility in cities globally and compares the initial challenges to the early days of the automotive industry.

As eSC unfolds, it presents a shrewd entry into the motorsport arena. The championship’s flexibility allows it to integrate with other events, providing an accessible, sustainable, and entertaining alternative to traditional motorsports. With its unique blend of excitement, affordability, and sustainability, eSC holds the promise of making a significant impact on social media and capturing the attention of a diverse audience. The future of urban motorsport is set to ride on the sleek wheels of electric scooters.