Puma to end sponsorship of Israel’s national football team in 2024

Puma, the sports brand has recently announced that it will be concluding its sponsorship of Israels football team in 2024. This decision was confirmed by a spokesperson, from the company. Had been planned since year. It is important to note that this decision is not connected to any consumer boycott calls against Israel in light of the Gaza war as clarified by the sportswear firm.

Over time Puma has faced pressure and boycott calls due to its association with the Israel Football Association (IFA). These calls became more intense during Israels two month offensive in Gaza, which tragically resulted in the loss of lives. However it is essential to understand that Pumas choice to discontinue its sponsorship was already part of their existing plan. As a result contracts with federations including Serbia and Israel are set to expire in 2024. Will not be renewed.

Moving forward with their “better strategy ” Puma is expected to announce new partnerships with various national teams soon. An internal memo from Puma as reported by the Financial Times confirmed these changes while emphasizing their commitment to continuously assess existing partnerships and seek out opportunities in order to maintain a strong lineup of national teams.

It should be noted that Puma initially entered into a contract with the IFA back, in 2018 for supplying kits to players.
However the company has been dealing with calls, for boycott from activists who argue that the International Football Association (IFA) includes teams based in settlements located exclusively for residents in the occupied West Bank, which is considered illegal under international law.

Global companies that support Israel have faced increased pressure from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement led by Palestinians. This includes incidents like fashion brand Zara removing an advertising campaign from its website after receiving criticism for depicting scenes of suffering in Gaza. This incident further fueled calls for boycott from activists supporting Palestine.

Pumas decision to terminate its sponsorship with Israels football team reflects the challenges faced by companies when navigating geopolitical issues and considering public opinions impact on business partnerships. The move is aligned with Pumas strategy. Comes at a time of heightened scrutiny regarding corporate ties, with organizations associated with controversial political situations.